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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

Orc Fortress for ☼MASTERWORK☼ (MDF) is a plug-in which allows you to control a tribe of proud, savage Orcish survivors as they stand against invading forces of the Dwarves, Elves, Humans, and Drow. These enemies make use of treacherous modes of war such as Siege and Ambush and will begin their assaults usually as soon as the second year after a fort's settlement. You can also fight the Automatons and the Fortress Defense civs. On the other hand, you can trade with goblins, Frost giants, or the Evil humanoid factions.It should be noted that to access the evil humanoid factions you need to enable the Evil Twins option in the masterwork settings.exe.

Further information[edit]


Orcish workshops include tribal and artisinal crafting, mass production factories and pits of industry, and mystical places of power. There are also a wide assortment of buildings that Orcs can only access after trading for the technology, or pillaging it from their enemies using the Raiders' Drydock. The orcs have access to all the vanilla Dwarf Fortress buildings and a few Masterwork buildings too.


Orcish castes have quite different physical characteristics: the common Orc, agile Snaga, powerful Uruk, and hulking Olog. Occasionally Orcs are born into specialist castes including the Artisan, Corsair, and magic-adept Dreamwalker.


There are new metal materials and industries in the Masterwork world. Although Orcs do not regularly have access to the best of dwarven volcanic metallurgy, Orcish damasc bladecrafters can make a few artisan weapons of the highest quality patternwelded mithril and wolfram. Orcs tend to be very adaptable and can craft alternative steel-grade alloys including bloodsteel, Ashland glass, and ebonglass. With a bit of luck, Orcish raiders can acquire technologies to make mithril, or the legendary alloys orichalcum and deep-bronze.


Orcs have a great passion for weapons and there are many weapons with different properties to discover in Orc Fortress. In general they tend to favor cutting weapons with a large surface area, favoring their powerful builds and brute strength. Uruks in particular often use a great axe or dai-katana, which they are large enough to wield in a single hand. Most common orcs fight with scimitars, axes, or wicked toothed spears with a serrated blade. The signature weapon of the Snaga caste is a compound bow powerful enough to punch broad-headed orcish arrows through light armor.


There are many new Orcish items used in Orc Fortress ranging from coins of various denominations, to magical reagents used by the Dreamwalkers. An important category of item are the blueprints that unlock advanced workshops. Many items are tools, and their stockpiling can be controlled by material. For example, all blueprints are marble, dreamwalkers spell mojos are silver, and Warriors Society codexes are steel.

Flora & Fauna[edit]

There are several Orcish plants suitable for cultivating in the Taiga winters, and Orcish animals specially bred for hunting alongside the warbands.

Community Orc Fortresses[edit]

Ghoshash Snazaga, Perplexing-complexity the Cleaver of Ignorance, an Orc Fort tutorial. Geared towards helping new players survive early attacks, organize a powerful Orcish warband and take maximum advantage of the Raiding Drydock system.