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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

This article relates to the Orc Fortress game mode of the Masterwork mod.


Orcs can use most all of the workshops from vanilla Dwarf Fortress. For the most part we won't go into too much detail as there's not too much to say about these 'shops: like most races, they cook and brew, hew blocks from stone, and process cloth from plants. Orcs can use some of the workshops introduced in Masterwork, including the Boneyard, Storage Unit, Crucible, Fishpond, Slag Pit, and Apothecary. The Boneyard and Storage Unit, in particular, are key fixtures in an Orcish fort for processing the enemy and their belongings.

A few Masterwork shops the Orcs can use in a limited capacity. For example, Orcs can make common alloys at the metallurgist, but they cannot produce patternwelded mithril bars or other fine dwarven alloys there. Orcs can use the Trap Engineer, but not the advanced "2nd level" of upgrades.

Orcs lack access to uniquely Dwarven Masterwork mod buildings like the Gemforge and Glassforge, the Library system, Timberyard, advanced metal Forge and Furnaces, the Armory and Weaponry, Runesmith, and Armok Religion buildings.

Orcs have a wide variety of unique buildings, ranging from tribal and artisanal crafts and mass production factories, to raiding drydocks for the Corsairs and mystical places of power for the Dreamwalkers.

Several types of Orcish buildings must be unlocked by obtaining blueprints and workers before they become available. Some are quite commonly found in Orcish camps like the Goblin Ghetto, Labor Camps, and the Caravanserai. Others are more rare, like the Outlander Allies' buildings available by trade, and the Barbarian Technology buildings available only by raiding.

Traditional Orcish Workshops[edit]

  • CTRL-t Tribal wargear:
    • Uses bone, ash, leather, and blood to create fine tribal weapons and armor
    • Requires no anvil, but weapon recipes are fairly complex and time consuming
    • A few warcrafts for stone, obsidian, and adamantine
  • CTRL-h Orcish fletcher:
    • Uses leather reinforcements to craft powerful composite bows
    • Crafts batches of metal jagged arrows
    • With foreign toolkits, also can craft enchanted arrows
  • CTRL-f Orcish factory:
    • Mass produces building materials from clay and other material
    • Burns farmed tree saplings to charcoal
    • Efficiently batch craft basic armor and weapons: for grunts, traps, or the Raiding industry
  • ALT-a Arcane forge:
    • Uses orichalcum alloy to make forge enchanted weapons and weave dreamcatchers for spellcasters
    • Uses ironbone to weave runic ammo blanks to be fired from enchanted weapons
  • CTRL-n Freelancers guild:
    • Produces Orcish shillings (rusty iron coins) for use at the Raiding Drydock or Warrior's Meadhall
    • Accepts bounties (totems, blood), nautical supplies (booze, cloth, pulleys), and foreign currency
    • Sells some weapons and gun ammo at somewhat extortionate prices
  • CTRL-d Raiders drydock:
    • Uses Longboats, Raiders' weapon kits, and Orcish shillings to conduct a Raid
    • Random outcome with possibility to generate piles of valuable loot
    • Source of Goblin & Kobold migrants, Caravanserai blueprints, Barbarian technology, and codexes
  • CTRL-h Warrior society meadhall:
    • Boost warriors performance with society war-masks and strong brews
    • Combine weapons into both domestic and foreign Society arms kits with unique combinations of attacks

Traditional Orcish Furnaces[edit]

  • CTRL-o Molten pit:
  • ALT-o Magma molten pit:
    • Batch process iron and bronze bearing ores
    • Reforge off-sized gear into makeshift mail
    • Less efficient than dwarven batch smelting, but recover useable slag of rusty iron, malachite, dolomite
    • Destroy useless junk armor and recover slag
  • c Blacksmoke furnace
    • Distil oil from oilbearing stone or coke
    • Distil vitriol, aquafortis, or muriatic acids from brimstone, saltpeter, or rock salt.
    • Craft fire or acid arrows from the above.
    • Upgrade cannon to sappers flamethrower
    • Create a detonator and stickbomb satchels
    • Remove rust from steel and iron
    • Extract aluminium, chromium, cobalt, and titanium from ores
    • Create synthsilk (from oil and acid)
  • CTRL-d Damasc foundry:
  • ALT-d Magma damasc foundry:
    • Artisan weapons including the handcrafted welded mithril dai-katana and welded wolfram morning star
    • Hand inlaid crafts from certain rare metals
    • With foreign toolkits, also can craft fine armor
  • y Steamfoundry
    • Uses automaton parts
    • Craft automaton gizmos
    • Craft synthshell laminate (from silk and aluminium or titanium)
    • Upgrade scimitar to vibroblade (requires razor-wire, automaton part, and oil)
    • Upgrade orcish axe to chainaxe (requires razor-wire, automaton part, and oil)
    • Upgrade maul to steamhammer (requires 2 lead bars, automaton part, and oil)
    • Upgrade flachette gun to dakkadakka (requires brass bar, automaton part, and oil)
    • Activate, upgrade, repair, and recycle golems.
    • Build frag landmines (requires toolkit)
    • Automate axe and saw traps

Voodoo and Sorcery[edit]

  • SHIFT-t Orcish totem pole:
    • War-drums and basic voodoo magic, can be performed by any orc
    • Commune with the spirits (x10) to create Dreamwalker's Talismans, required for more complex magic
  • SHIFT-a Altar of Storms:
    • Use codexes to transform Dreamwalkers into Sorcerers, learning a collection of powerful close combat spells
    • Use mojos to teach any Dreamwalker selected spells from the school of Sorcery
    • Enchant blank bladeshard ammo with magical effects
    • Rituals have a chance to create Talismans, spell mojos, and other magical artifacts
  • SHIFT-o Sun and Stars Orrery:
    • Use codexes to transform Dreamwalkers into Oracles, learning to incant powerful prophecies
    • Use mojos to teach any Dreamwalker selected spells from the school of Astrology
    • Enchant blank doomshard ammo with magical effects
    • Rituals have a chance to create Talismans, spell mojos, and other magical artifacts
  • SHIFT-o Stone Circle:
    • Use codexes to transform Dreamwalkers into Druids, learning to assail enemies with savage forces of nature
    • Use mojos to teach any Dreamwalker selected spells from the school of Druidism
    • Enchant blank ivy-rune ammo with magical effects
    • Rituals have a chance to create Talismans, spell mojos, and other magical artifacts
  • SHIFT-o Icecrystal Sanctum:
    • Use codexes to transform Dreamwalkers into Frostskalds, learning destructive elemental magics
    • Use mojos to teach any Dreamwalker selected spells from the school of Elemental Destruction
    • Enchant blank magic-missle ammo with magical effects
    • Rituals have a chance to create Talismans, spell mojos, and other magical artifacts


Each bazaar workshop requires one Caravanserai Blueprint, normally acquired commonly when raiding merchant shipping at the Raider's drydock. Additional caravan licenses can alternatively purchased at the Shadowbroker.

  • CTRL-w Caravanserai arms bazaar:
    • Sell useless arms and armor for silver coins
    • Buy arrows, ballista bolts, or trap components
    • Buy an assortment of foreign weapons
  • CTRL-x Caravanserai farmers bazaar:
    • Sell food and booze for copper or silver coins
    • Buy wood, seeds, potash, and rare plants
  • CTRL-y Caravanserai shadowbroker:
    • Obtain platinum coins for black market transactions at all bazaars
    • Ransom captives and fence rare goods
    • Buy hard to find foreign tools and Orichalcum alloy
  • CTRL-z Caravanserai common bazaar:
    • Sell surplus cloth and leather for copper coins
    • Exchange up copper and silver into gold coins
    • Buy essentials such as anvils and metal shipments

Goblin Ghetto[edit]

Ghetto buildings require one goblin, kobold, or captive "migrant" (represented in game by a "tool" item). Goblin and kobold migrants are usually acquired through targeted missions at the Raider's Drydock, while captives are a potential random loot from any Raid.

  • CTRL-g Goblin tinkerer:
    • Craft flachette dartguns and gunpowder weapons, and ammo
    • With dwarven foreign toolkits, upgrade trap components
    • Batch smelt some ores, particularly some of those used for gunners' lead and brass
  • CTRL-m Goblin sawmill shanty:
    • Efficiently produce wooden build material from logs
    • Batch produce chairs, cabinets, bins, and barrels from wood and any metal
  • CTRL-c Goblin stonecutter's shanty:
    • Selectively produce magma safe rock components
    • Build rock ammo, trap components, crude weapons, and anvil
    • Batch produce coffers, doors and tables from blocks and any metal
  • CTRL-j Kobold tracker's hut:
    • Craft darts from various materials in batches
    • Attempt to acquire gems, silver, and other shiny goods
  • ALT-z Dwarf Labor cell:
    • Creates stone and ore in exchange for booze
  • ALT-e Elf Labor cell:
    • Creates wood in exchange for meat
  • ALT-h Human Labor cell:
    • Creates crafts in exchange for fish
  • ALT-f Drow Labor cell:
    • Creates silk in exchange for plants

Outlander Allies' Buildings[edit]

Outlander technology building blueprints are obtained by trade, typically with the Evil Allies (Human Bandits, Chaos Dwarven Legion, Ashlander Elves, or Deep-Drow).

  • A Ashland glassblower
    • Create cobalt and "ruby" (gold) stained ornamental glass
    • Forge light weapons grade metallic ashland glass from malachite, moonstone, and green glass
    • Forge heavy weapons grade metallic ebonglass from obsidian, cobalt glass, and ruby glass
  • U Underdark nethermill
    • Craft drowish weapons from crystal glass and devilthorn
    • Create sets of fire resistant nether-bark armor
  • L Legion auxilla outpost
    • Forge dwarf-style spears, hammers, crossbows, and javelins
    • Combine dwarven weapons into legion arms kits with flexible melee and range power
    • Cast selected ammo types for various tactical situations
  • T Buccaneer tavern
    • Generate music effects from human and dwarf style instruments
    • Use up spare instruments playing for cash
    • Gamble coins for a chance at a cash return, weapons, ships, or other prizes

Barbarian Technology Buildings[edit]

Barbarian technology building blueprints are obtained rarely when raiding foreign civilizations from the Raiders' Drydock.

  • CTRL-m Coal-stoked Fluidcaster
  • ALT-m Magma-powered Fluidcaster
    • Create and fill water- and magma-tankers, including the fearsome bladetanker heavy weapon.
    • Fill flasks with magma to be deployed in the cistern workshop.
    • The fluidcaster blueprint can also be crafted from Blood of Armok at the Arcane forge.
  • CTRL-f Ancient foundry
  • ALT-f Ancient magma foundry
    • Smelt deep-bronze and orichalcum alloys
    • Forge powerful superior quality weapons
  • ALT-s Treesingers pagoda
    • Ask farmed saplings to become wood and wood products
    • Craft elven weapons and smelt mithril
  • ALT-h Heavy weapons armory
    • Forge cannons and other heavy weapons
    • With foreign tools, craft platemail or explosives
  • ALT-d Runesmith
    • Improve weapons with by inscribing them with runes

Training Grounds[edit]

  • ALT-y Anatomical theatre
    • Train medical skills using splints, cloth, etc.
    • Turn corpses into bonemeal
  • ALT-b Blood bowl pitch
    • Train physical skills using leather
  • ALT-w Weight set
    • Train combat skills using training weapons


Barrels and cisterns accept fluids from bottles, filled at the fluidcaster. They can also melt ice and obsidian into water and magma directly. (All reactions use the alchemy labour)