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This article is about an older version of DF.

Dwarves are strange creatures who balance out at 'happy' because on one hand their wife was eaten by elephants and on the other they just ate in a REALLY NICE dining room.

- shadow_archmagi

Critical mood[edit]

If a dwarf is unhappy, he'll flash a red down arrow. If his unhappiness causes him to throw a tantrum, he'll have a flashing yellow exclamation point. If they are in a special strange mood they will have some other color of exclamation point, each colour relating to a different kind of strange mood. See the article on status icons for more information

General mood information[edit]

Otherwise, to check a dwarf's mood you can look at their thoughts and preferences page. Each dwarf has a separate entry, so find the dwarf you want to check on either via the Unit List menu or the View Units tool.

Once you have the right dwarf selected, press p to go to the unit's preferences page, and then press z to look at their profile. Finally, in their profile hit Enter to view the dwarf's mood, recent mood-influencing thoughts, and the dwarf's likes and dislikes.

Other methods[edit]

Third party utilities such as Dwarf Companion allow one to view the moods of their dwarves, generally with the ability to sort by mood so as to quickly see who's on the brink of blowing up.