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Formal terms[edit]

  • Arena: A mode which lets you create, equip and control monsters for testing purposes.
  • Armok: The titular god of blood (the game's full title being Slaves to Armok: God of Blood, Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress). Make no appearance in the game, but is sometimes referred to by players.
  • 40d: Short for "", the last version of Dwarf Fortress before the 2010 release.
  • v0.31: Shorthand for Dwarf Fortress 0.31.xx, released in 2010 and later. It has many changes and new features compared to 40d.
  • Fortress Mode: The playing mode used in this tutorial. The other playing mode is adventurer mode.
  • FPS: A numerical measure of game speed.
  • Legends: A mode which lets you look up historical information.
  • Seed: When talking about a game world, seed is the number which is used to determine how the world map is made during world generation. The game usually chooses a random number for you when generating a new world, but if a player finds a particular interesting site on a world they generated they can find out the number which was chosen and share it with other players.
  • Raws: Text files which define civilizations, species, materials, items and so forth. Modding and cheating are done by modifying these files.
  • Toady, Toady One: The creator of Dwarf Fortress.

Informal terms[edit]

  • Candy, Cotton Candy, Clownite: Adamantine, for SPOILER type reasons.
  • Catsplosion, Birdsplosion: Out of control breeding of cats or birds.
  • Clowns, Clown car: SPOILERS.
  • Cutebolds: Kobolds.
  • Danger room: Means of quickly training your military via attacking them with traps loaded with non-dangerous weapons.
  • Dorf: Dwarf.
  • Fun: Losing. Anything unexpected and bloody that gives your game a turn for the worse.
  • Goblinite: Iron, so named because the goblins in sieges bring lots of iron weapons and armor which can be melted down and re-used.
  • Goblin Christmas: A goblin siege, which not only brings lots of iron, but lots of goblin clothing which can be sold to caravans.
  • Hidden Fun Stuff, HFS: SPOILERS.
  • Science: Doing experiments to figure out how the game works.
  • ‼SCIENCE‼: Like science, but involving more blood and fire.
  • Unfortunate accident: The means of killing annoying nobles.