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Any location

Cannot be tamed 
Birth: 3,000 cm3
Mid: 15,000 cm3
Max: 60,000 cm3


Child at: 1
Adult at: 12
Max age: Immortal
This creature cannot be butchered

Wikipedia article

This article is about an older version of DF.
A medium-sized humanoid driven to cruelty by its evil nature.

Goblins are intelligent, mean-spirited humanoid creatures that live in mountains. They often establish settlements in Dark Fortresses within regions touched by evil, though it may be hard for some to imagine that goblins are capable of building those obsidian monoliths. They are also playable as adventurers. They are a constant threat to any fortress.

Goblins will start harassing a fortress early in its life, first with babysnatchers and ambushes, and later with sieges. Goblin babysnatchers carry a bag for their purpose. Their soldiers are commonly armed with copper and iron armor and weapons. These items can be a valuable source of metals for fortresses that embarked on metal-scarce areas (leading some players to refer to the plunders of a defeated goblin attack as Goblinite.) Defeating a majority of an attacking force usually sends the rest of them running.

Goblins show the least concern of ethics out of any race in game, with the sole exception being that treason is punishable by death. It appears that goblins do not enforce punishment, and instead simply ignore crimes and leave any punishment to be determined by the parties involved. It is because of their acceptance of controversial acts that goblins become enemies with nearly every other race. For example, goblins find the torture of animals, the butchering and consuming of sapient beings, oath breaking and torturing for fun acceptable or consider it a personal matter. Invading goblins are always willing to attack other goblins lounging around at your fortress.

In Adventurer mode, "goblin" settlements will sometimes be completely goblin free, having been displaced by the descendants of children that were captured in ages past. In this respect, whilst they're a goblin faction, they're populated purely by prisoners and mindwashed humanoids.

Goblins are notably cowardly. Whilst they're brutal and sadistic, they will not hold the line against a superior force and are more than willing to sacrifice their wounded comrades in a badly organised retreat. Their strength generally comes in pure numbers, as they're usually weaker than a dwarf one on one (A notable exception is their weapon lords and masters, who can be VERY talented in warfare.)

If a Goblin siege attacks you with mounts and with a flashing Goblin "General", it will be the last time they come on mounts. Since the general is the one who trains all the mounts, as soon as he dies in your fort (or disappears off the mapBug:2892) there will be no more mounts.Bug:3442

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Despite their bloodthirsty and cruel nature, goblins are also recognized as a benevolent and merciful race in some aspects. Goblin Baby-Snatchers claim moral superiority by "supposedly" rescuing innocent lives from the slavery of making rock trumpets until they are eaten by a giant cave spider. Goblin Sieges are considered to be a form of mass mercy killings, as a fort can die in the most horrific of ways, such as social disagreements, an infestation of parasitic organisms masquerading as dwarves, or worst of all: a visit from the circus.

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