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Gem Setter
Profession Jeweler
Job Title Gem Setter
Labor Gem setting
  • Encrust ammo with gem name
  • Encrust finished goods with gem name
  • Encrust furniture with gem name

Jeweler's workshop

  • Agility
  • Creativity
  • Spatial Sense
  • Kinesthetic Sense
This article is about an older version of DF.

Gem setter is the skill associated with the gem setting labor. Gem setters encrust furniture, finished goods (excluding tools), and ammo (including siege ammo) with cut gems. It is not currently possible to decorate weapons and armor with gems, unless the armor is made of cloth. A high level of gem setting allows a dwarf to set gems faster and with better quality, making the decorated items more valuable.

Rough gems, which are found by miners, have to be converted to cut gems by a gem cutter before a gem setter can use them. Large gems, which are sometimes created instead of a cut gems, can not be used for setting as they are finished goods. (You might be lucky enough to be the proud owner of a magnificent <<☼Large (Insert rare gem name here)☼>> (This is a masterful quality large (Insert rare gem name here). This object is adorn with hanging rings of (Insert worthless gem name here).

Because there is a very wide variety of gems in most regions and some types of gems have pretty high material value, adding decorations of different types of gems is a good way to create items with very high value for trade or nobles.


As with gem cutters, gem setters can be easily trained by ordering them to set common stone such as basalt, mudstone, diorite, and schist.


It is not possible to directly specify which item will be encrusted, however control over the process can be exerted by creating an intermediary stockpile linked to take from your main stockpile and give to the workshop, then adjusting its settings to match whatever item(s) you wish to decorate (for instance, a masterwork gold throne for your monarch, or low-quality clothing if you're training a novice gem setter). Your gem setter will refuse to use any item that is not stored in a linked stockpile--you can then selectively forbid items in the stockpile to control exactly which item will be decorated.