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Gem setter

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Skill: Gem Setter
Profession Jeweler
Job Title Gem Setter
Labor Gem setting
  • Encrust ammo with gem name
  • Encrust finished goods with gem name
  • Encrust furniture with gem name

Jeweler's workshop

  • Agility
  • Creativity
  • Spatial Sense
  • Kinesthetic Sense
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A gem-encrusted glass statue of a rat.

Gem setter is the skill associated with the gem setting labor. Gem setters encrust furniture, finished goods (excluding tools), and ammo (including siege ammo) with cut gems. It is not currently possible to decorate weapons and armor with gems, unless the armor is made of cloth. A high level of gem setting allows a dwarf to set gems faster and with better quality, making the decorated items more valuable.

Rough gems, which are found by miners, have to be converted to cut gems by a gem cutter before a gem setter can use them. Gizzard stones are a type of cut gem and can also be used by gem setters. Large gems, which are sometimes created instead of a cut gem, cannot be used for gem setting, as they are finished goods. (You might be lucky enough to be the proud owner of a magnificent <<☼Large (Insert rare gem name here)☼>> (This is a masterful quality large (Insert rare gem name here).) This object is adorned with hanging rings of (Insert worthless gem name here).)

Because there are a very wide variety of gems in most regions, and some types of gems have pretty high material value, adding decorations of different types of gems is a good way to create items with very high value for trade or nobles.


As with gem cutters, gem setters can be easily trained by ordering them to set common stone such as basalt, mudstone, diorite, and schist.


Gem Setting jobs suffer from a major inconvenience: it is not possible to select which item will be used for encrusting from the workshop. It is possible to select which type of gem will be used by clicking on the magnifying glass icon though. Understandably, most players would be outraged seeing their masterwork platinum statue being encrusted with worthless tigereye gems or seeing a wooden table being encrusted with rare diamonds which your dwarves will happily do without your intervention.

Here is a very easy to implement method that guarantees a masterwork item you select is encrusted with your best gems by your most skilled gem setter (using furniture as an example):

  • Create two furniture stock piles, the first is your main stockpile and accepts all furniture. In the stockpile settings set the second stockpile to take from the first stock pile, and only allow masterwork quality items. Wait for your dwarves to haul all of the masterwork furniture to the new stockpile.
  • Set up a jeweller's workshop right next to the masterwork furniture stockpile to reduce hauling time. Set up the jeweller's workshop so that it can only use the masterwork furniture stockpile as a source and your jewel stock pile as a source. Assign your best gem setter to be the only one who can work at this workshop.
  • Using the box select forbid tool, forbid all of the furniture in the masterwork stockpile. then unforbid the item you want encrusted.
  • At the jeweller's workshop you just set up (don't use the orders screen) make a new task to encrust furniture then click the magnifying glass icon to select what gem you want, most likely your highest value gem. Check the gem page to see the values of all gems.
  • Your jeweller will pick up the only unforbidden furniture item in your masterwork stockpile and encrust it with the gem you selected. Unforbid the next item your want encrusted and repeat as needed.

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