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v0.34 Talk:Insanity

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Father issues[edit]

Well this one is interesting. I recently had a squad of dwarves kill another after going insane. Oddly enough this caused one of the squad member to go insane. Well after checking into it I realized that the squad member (who was beaten to death shortly after by his fellow squad members) was actually the son of the dwarf that i ordered him to kill. It was interesting to watch because the son quickly turned and started attacking the other squad members who, after a long battle causing the death of another squad member, was beaten to death. Either way the sadistic side of my mind loved it, even though i lost 3 dwarves, 2 with battle skills. Little tip for you guys, check genetics before sending the military to dispatch an insane dwarf.

Kept items on a stark raving mad dwarf[edit]

I have a babbling vampire who, due to rigorous danger room training, has an axe and shield with a given name. While he dropped all his other gear, he kept hold of those two items (it's been a few years since he went bonkers, so i'm sure it's not just being tardy). I do not know whether it's the "became attached" status or the named-artefact property that let him do this, but it should be possible to reproduce with artefact-equipped or item-attached raving dwarfs. --Larix (talk) 20:21, 12 October 2013 (UTC)

Insane dwarves and population loss[edit]

If your fortress population is down to one dwarf and he/she goes insane, it only causes an instant loss if the dwarf in question goes berserk, right? This would obviously a moot point if what caused all that death and destruction can still kill the unfortunate fellow, and they'll dehydrate eventually, so the best it could result in is buying time for migrants to arrive. Assuming I'm right, anyone done some !!science!! on which types of insanity can end a game?-- 20:07, 22 February 2014 (UTC)

Berserkers versus Levers[edit]

I've done a quick analysis of a disassembly of version 0.34.11, and I cannot find any evidence that berserk dwarves pull levers - there's a specific function that's called when a lever or pressure plate is triggered, and that function is called in exactly 5 places (pressure plate down, pressure plate up, adventurer mode Pull Lever, mischievous creature triggering a lever or pressure plate, and fortress mode Pull Lever), and none of those places would be triggered by berserk dwarves (mischief triggers a pause+center messages about "Something has pulled a lever!" and is used by Gremlins, and berserk dwarves do not take jobs). Analysis of my disassembly of version seems to indicate that it didn't happen there either, so I'm beginning to doubt that this has ever been a thing in Dwarf Fortress. --Quietust (talk) 20:49, 5 March 2014 (UTC)