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This article is about an older version of DF.

A cave is a natural formation that occurs either in the open (a downward ramp in the middle of the region) or along a mountain range (as a tunnel leading inside). Caves consist of rectangular rooms connected with straight narrow corridors, occasionally spanning multiple levels (using stairs) and sometimes including a straight cave river, chasm, or magma flow bisecting one level (not necessarily the bottom-most one).

It is not possible to embark on top of caves; only Adventurers can discover them, either by taking quests, asking about the surroundings, or simply searching for them (they show up on the fast-travel map once you enter an adjacent square).

Megabeasts and semimegabeasts will quite often make their home in caves, and Kobolds may settle in them as well. Caves inhabited by megabeasts/semimegabeasts will also be populated by a random selection subterranean creatures, typically corresponding to whatever "map feature" shows up (i.e. river/chasm/magma).

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