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23a:Eerie glowing pit

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This article is about an older version of DF.
Spoiler2010.png This article contains massive spoilers. If you do not wish to have your game experience spoiled, do not scroll down!
A miner has located some eerie glowing pits.

An eerie glowing pit is a small impassable chasm found scattered beyond the magma flow. Within about a day of discovering them, 10 random demons will sneak forth to wreak havoc on your fortress.

Note that this only happens when you first discover the pits - once the demons emerge from the first pit (and you defeat them), no more demons will appear, and additional discovered pits will be completely safe.


Horrors! Demons in the deep!
  • Frog demon: Arguably the easiest demon. Powerful combatant and can swim.
  • Tentacle demon: Corrupt intentions. Has 6 tentacles, each of which can perform a piercing attack.
  • Spirit of fire: Arguably the hardest demon. Launches fireballs and is surrounded by fire, a powerful combatant. Limbs sever when broken.

All demons are immune to traps and will destroy your doors and floodgates.

A well trained, well equipped speardwarf can mix it up with frog and tentacle demons, however will likely not get the chance to close with a spirit of fire before being immolated by the Spirit's ranged fire attack. Spirits also lack most vital organs that spears target in any case. Spirits can be reliably brought down by marksdwarves, but expect losses on both sides of that matchup.

Siege weapons can be useful against demons. A ballista bolt will likely kill a demon, and a ballista fired down a narrow hallway channelling the demons into your field of fire will kill several. Use fortifications to give your siege crew some protection from fireballs[Verify], and remember your crew will panic and run once the demons get too close, which will happen quickly as the demons are quite fast.

One effective anti-demon tactic is to equip your entire fortress with crossbows, quivers and bolts and order them all into 1-dwarf squads. Station every one dwarf squad on the same tile. The result should be a single tile capable of launching 60+bolts in seconds. Although eventually your dwarves may be slaughtered, this tactic can allow you to survive demon pits with ease.

If you're feeling lucky, you might attempt to crush the demons under a drawbridge or use a retracting bridge to drop them into the chasm.[Verify]

Demons aren't susceptible to standard traps, but using a support to cause a cave-in might kill them. They may, however, be vulnerable to cage traps if you can find some technique to knock them unconscious first.

Under no circumstances should you send an unarmed dwarf against demons, champion or otherwise.


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