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A biome is a biotic area with homogeneous features, characterized by distinctive plants, animal species and climate. Your dwarves will find different resources depending on which biome they select when starting a fort.


[edit] Selecting a biome

Biomes are important when choosing a fortress location in order to understand your surroundings. Each valid embark location covers a single biome, and the biome's information will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

[edit] Understanding Biomes

Selecting a Biome gives you some ability to influence the difficulty of your game. Each biome has a different set of resources; the availability of trees, certain plants or animals, and sometimes water is specific to a particular biome.

Any biome can have any set of surroundings; for example a glacier could be haunted, wilderness or mirthful. However, a named region (which is a contiguous area of one category of biomes, such as forests or wetlands) will be either good, neutral, or evil.

[edit] Available Biomes

[edit] Freezing

[edit] Wetlands

  • Temperate Freshwater Swamp
  • Temperate Saltwater Swamp
  • Temperate Freshwater Marsh
  • Temperate Saltwater Marsh
  • Tropical Freshwater Swamp
  • Tropical Saltwater Swamp
  • Mangrove Swamp
  • Tropical Freshwater Marsh
  • Tropical Saltwater Marsh

[edit] Forests

[edit] Plains

[edit] Deserts

[edit] Water

  • Ocean
  • Freshwater Lake
  • Brackish Lake
  • Saltwater Lake

[edit] Underground

  • Subterranean Water
  • Subterranean Chasm
  • Subterranean Magma

[edit] See Also

  • Regions for the possible values for Trees, Vegetation and Surroundings.
  • Climate
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