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40d:Magma forge

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Magma forge


Job Requirement

Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Metalsmith, Metal crafter, Trapper, Mechanic

Materials Jobs
Materials Used
Goods Created
This article is about an older version of DF.

A magma forge is a metalsmith's forge which does not require charcoal or other fuel, as long as it is positioned over magma. Magma forges can only be built once you have discovered a magma pool, magma pipe, or hidden fun stuff. They must be built using magma-safe materials.

In order to function, the forge must be exactly one Z-level above a lava or magma square. Magma forges cannot draw from many Z-levels below themselves as wells can. A magma forge will not function unless at least one of its eight edge squares hangs over a channel which contains magma at a depth of 4/7 or more. Dwarves will not roast when working inside a magma forge.

Note that if the magma depth falls below 4/7, even for a moment, the forge will immediately cancel all of its jobs. If the forge has been claimed by a dwarf in a Strange mood, this will result in instant insanity, even if the forge returns to normal a moment later. For this reason it is advisable that you isolate the magma supply for your magma workshops from your other magma plumbing, and if possible use magma-safe floodgates or some other method to seal the magma into a separate channel solely for the use of the workshops.

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