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This article is about an older version of DF.

Furnace is an umbrella term for different workshops that are used to heat materials, and that often produce only intermediary--products, items that are then used to create something else for the final product.

Every furnace must be built from fire-safe materials and designed by a building designer. It can be powered by fuel or, in the case of magma furnaces, by the heat from magma - if the latter, they do not consume the magma, merely must be over it. Magma furnaces must be placed with one of their edge tiles above magma with depth of 4 or more; this can be accomplished by digging a channel for the magma, or hanging it directly over open magma source.

All these are constructed using the Furnaces submenu (via b, e ).

See main articles for a full discussion, esp of magma versions.

Wood furnace[edit]


Magma smelter[edit]

  • Shortcut: b, e, l

Magma versions use charcoal or coke for pig iron and steel production only. If the magma source fails, they cannot be powered by fuel.

Glass furnace[edit]

  • Glass objects are final products

Magma glass furnace[edit]

  • Shortcut: b, e, a


  • Feeds into: higher quality glass production

Magma kiln[edit]

  • Shortcut: b, e, n

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