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A civilization is a nation, with settlements and a capital city. At the embark screen, you can select one of the controllable civilizations to play as. Without modding, these are all dwarves, but they may have different items available to start out.


[edit] Mountain Civilization (The dwarves)

Mountain civilizations build settlements on the edge of mountain ranges. Their settlements are represented by Ω on the world map

[edit] Plains Civilization (The humans)

Plains civilizations build wooden towns in the lowlands. Their settlements are represented by +, *, , and # on the world map

[edit] Forest Civilization (The elves)

Forest civilizations build wooden towns in heavily forested areas. Their settlements are represented by î and on the world map

[edit] Evil Civilization (The goblins)

They build towers, represented by П on the world map

[edit] Skulking Civilization (The kobolds)

Skulking civilizations populate caves, which are hidden unless discovered.

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