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This article is about the current version of DF.
Spoiler2010.png This article contains massive spoilers. If you do not wish to have your game experience spoiled, do not scroll down!
Not fire-safe Not magma-safe

Divine fabrics are special, procedurally generated fabrics that can be found in vaults. Divine fabrics are used as material for items and clothing used by angels, who ruthlessly protect the vault's priceless treasures. Unlike divine metals, divine fabrics cannot be modified into other items, nor are they appreciably better than their mundane counterparts.

As a quirk, human and elven caravans may bring instruments and instrument parts made out of divine fabric for trade.Bug:9275


Divine fabrics appear to have identical material properties to standard silk cloth except a lack of ignition point. Although they cannot catch fire, they still suffer damage from high temperatures and are not fire-safe. The only differences between types of divine fabric are their name and their color[Verify], both decided by a selected sphere of the deity involved in their creation.

Its texture can cure depression. Its color can remove pain. Its sheen can spawn happiness.


Sphere Name Color*
Beauty dancing wisps Yellow
Blight rotted fabric Black
Chaos never-still cloth Red
Darkness liquid darkness Black
Dawn shining cloth Orange
Day bright cloth White
Death pale fabric Pale blue
Deformity twisted fabric Black
Disease patchy cloth Gray
Dreams wispy cloth Blue
Dusk translucent cloth Clear
Fire flickering cloth Yellow
Jewels faceted cloth Green
Lakes still blue fabric Blue
Lies heavy cloth Black
Light glowing cloth White
Lightning flashing sparks Yellow
Mist misty cloth Clear
Moon white cloth White
Muck dirty fabric Brown
Music sonorous lines Black
Night pitch-black fabric Black
Nightmares screaming mouths Taupe
Oceans undulating cloth Sea green
Rain moist fabric Clear
Rainbows multicolored cloth Clear
Rivers flowing fabric Blue
Sky clear blue cloth Sky blue
Stars motes of light White
Storms flowing cloth Gray
Sun blazing cloth White
Thunder shining cloth White
Trickery shimmering cloth Clear
Twilight shadow stuff Black
Volcanos molten liquid Red
Water liquid cloth Blue
Wind rustling fabric Gray
  • The color text represents their internal color token, while the background is the actual color they appear as in-game. See color.