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This article is about the current version of DF.
Spoiler2010.png This article contains massive spoilers. If you do not wish to have your game experience spoiled, do not scroll down!


[edit] Angels

Size comparison between a group of angels (All made by the same god, Solon) and a dwarf.

Angels are incredibly powerful creatures created by deities to guard the vaults erected by demons who were twisted into humanoid form in a time before time. They are randomly generated at worldgen like their demonic counterparts, with appearances, arms, and armor determined by the spheres of their creator. The term "angel" is used loosely -- after all, they are sent by deities that knowingly released demons into the world. As such, they are disproportionately associated with "dark" or "violent" spheres like deformity and war, with fittingly vile appearances, but even those associated to neutral or supposedly positive spheres tend to be utterly bizarre in appearance.

All angels share certain traits, however. They are fanciful creatures who are all able to swim in and breathe water and destroy buildings. Furthermore, they are immune to traps, pain, fear, nausea, stunning, exertion, dizziness, fevers and any sort of poison. Unlike demons, angels do not seem to be universally immune to fire. Curiously, all angels possess a pet value of 2000, though their lack of a [PET_EXOTIC] token and their unavailability in fortress mode means one cannot tame them even if they wanted to. Assistants and Soldiers are able to equip items and freely open unlocked doors. Some angels have access to a syndrome called "divine sickness", whose effects are randomized but typically include effects such as vomiting blood, blisters, numbness and nausea.

Even if you kill all the angels inside a vault, they will eventually respawn (No confirmation yet about how long it takes. A cleared vault has been witnessed having its population back in under a month.) which makes vaults pretty good high-level training grounds. Try to kill at least one Soldier and pick up his gear. Your adventure will instantly become much easier.

They come in three categories:

[edit] Assistant

Assistants (Ä or ä) are highly randomized bestial angels; though more than a match for most adventurers, they're the least dangerous angels, with low combat skills and no weapons or armor, though they are able to equip them given the chance. A vault always contains exactly 50.

[edit] Soldier

Soldiers (Ä or ä) are sentient humanoid foes, with armor and weapons of divine metal and clothes of divine fabric. They are guaranteed to have "Talented" level combat skills. Their size is highly randomized, and they can be larger as well as smaller than an average human. In some cases, their size difference from the player will be so marginal that they become able to use their divine clothing. A vault always contains exactly 25. In some, but not all, vaults, these soldiers have names similar to those of civilized creatures, albeit in divine language.

[edit] Archangel

The Archangel (Ä) is the huge, bestial guardian of the final chamber. Only a single one of these powerful foes can be found in a vault. They stand at 10,000,000 cm³, the same size as a forgotten beast, and possess Grand Master skill in wrestling, biting, striking, kicking, fighter, archer, dodging and observer. These combined features make Archangels the most powerful creatures in Dwarf Fortress and the greatest challenge an adventurer can encounter - arguably the closest thing the game yet has to a final boss. Defeating an Archangel grants the player access to the slab related to the vault's demon, allowing them to either bind them to their service or banish them back to hell.

[edit] Divine language

Main article: Divine language

Angel names are generated using a divine language. The divine language works just like any of the four major languages in the respect that it has its own translation of a set of English words. Unlike the other languages, however, it is generated individually for each world. Each world has only one divine language, meaning that all angels in all vaults in a given world will use the same language.

In the world raws, the divine language is referred to as GEN_DIVINE. By changing an entity's TRANSLATION token to GEN_DIVINE, it's possible to make them use the same names as the angels.

"Angel" in other Languages Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01.svg
Dwarven: sedil
Elvish: thili
Goblin: asmuk
Human: idla
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