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Glob is a broad classification in the stocks menu, used for a variety of amorphous solids. Rock nut paste, fat, tallow (processed fat), slurry, usable wax, and magma are all types of glob.


Most fleshy creatures have layers of fat to store energy in. When butchered, the creature will yield a number of globs of fat based on its body size and proportions.

A cook can render fat into useable tallow at a kitchen. Tallow can then be used to make soap or as another ingredient in prepared meals.

Tallow and fat, along with wax, are stored together in food stockpiles under the "Fat" category.


Plant-based paste and slurry is milled at the requisite workstation, either at a quern or a powered millstone. These materials are intermediaries for later tasks at the screw press.

A miller can grind rock nuts and a small variety of other oil-bearing seeds using the "mill seeds/nuts to paste" job, with seed paste needing to have oil pressed from it to serve as a soap component.

Most thread-bearing plants (not counting papyrus sedge) must be processed into slurry at a mill before they can be pressed into paper . The "mash plants into slurry" job is performed by a papermaker.

Slurry and paste are stored in food stockpiles under the "Paste" category.


A presser working at a screw press generates press cakes as a byproduct of pressing plants and seed paste into oil. Press cakes and pomaces are unremarkable ingredients, only used as filler for a prepared meal.

A presser can also press a honeycomb to receive wax and honey, producing a raw material for wax workers to make into finished goods.

Press cakes and pomaces are stored in food stockpiles under the "Pressed Material" category.

Other Globs[edit]

Liquid items that freeze or re-solidify will become a glob.

Creature interactions, such as that of the magma crab's molten basalt spit, can launch globs of material.

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