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Expedition starting point


Job Requirement
Materials Jobs
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Materials Used
Goods Created
  • Loot
This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

Send different groups of your civ to spy, steal, raid, barter or converse with different races. You will need the gear set from the Outfitter for this.

Raiding works a bit different from the rest. It does have lower chances of success, but the highest reward. If your raid was successful, you will also get back your raiding gear. This way you can send out another group of mercenaries. The races in the menu are sorted by difficulty. Kobolds the weakest, Frost Giants being the strongest.

The higher skill level your ambassador has, the higher is the quality of your loot.

You receive the results instantly and no actual units will leave the fortress, I cant do this with the modding capabilities of the game.

I ask you kindly to build this Starting Point at the map edge. Just for role playing purposes, so that a dwarf will at least make the journey there, is suspect to ambushes and needs surface access. He also has to carry the crate of loot back to the fortress. You can of course just do this next to your stockpiles, your choice.