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This article is about a mod.

MDF: v1.31

The Worktop is one of the four transformable workshops in the kobold camp. It is build and upgraded by a kobold with the leatherworking labor enabled. The worktop in this first state can't do anything, it needs to be upgraded in one of the 4 choices to become useful. The materials used for upgrading are one leather and one barrel (these materials are used and will not be return if you destroy the workshop). Each upgraded version of the worktop can be downgraded to the worktop.

Juice bar[edit]

The juice bar is where kobolds can make there own drinks which consist of teas and juices. The labor used in this workshop is brewing While the kobold are fine with water juices raise recuperation for a short time and teas adds nosleep for a short time. Not all plants can be make in juices or teas here's a list

  • Cave wheat tea
  • Longland grass tea
  • Muck root tea
  • Whip vine tea
  • Bloomberry juice
  • Fisherberry juice
  • Plump helmet juice
  • Prickle berry juice
  • Strawberry juice
  • Sunberry juice
  • Sweet pod juice

The juice bar can produce one last drink: Toad-shots are made from toad venom and can cause good effects or bad ones it's a lot of fun!

Critter kitchen[edit]

The critter kitchen is use by a cook to make meat or flux from remains or bones. The ratio are one remains for two meat or one flux these are inverted for a full stack of bones.

Booze burner[edit]

The booze burner is where a brewer can burn booze to make fuel or water. This is a way to make fuel from plants which make it unlimited and really useful, it let you use your limited supply of logs for other things. Here are the reactions:

  • Make two fuel from booze
  • Make five fuel from booze and oil
  • Make seven water from booze

Note that each reaction consume all the booze in one barrel

Poison cookery[edit]

The poison cookery allow a kobold with the trap setter and poisoner labor to make simple poison and apply them on blowdarts. You can work with two poison here: the slowpoke poison and the swamp fever poison.

You can:

  • Make three barrel of a poison
  • Coat blow-darts (at least a stack of 25) with one barrel of poison
  • Make 50 poisonous blow-darts and one barrel of poison (doesn't seems to work for the moment)

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