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This article is about an older version of DF.

The still is the source of all home-made alcohol for a fort and is an essential workshop for any fortress. A still also allows dwarves to extract Gnomeblight from Kobold Bulbs into a glass vial. A dwarf must have the brewer labor activated in order to use a still.

The three tasks available at a still are:

  • b Brew Drink
  • e Extract from Plants
  • m Make mead

Brewing alcohol requires an available empty barrel and something to brew, either a brewable plant or honey. You may set specific plants to be used or not used through the Status menu under Kitchen. (z-k) Note that you are unable to set Honey Bee honey to be brewed or not brewed because making mead is a different task than brewing.

Every unit of plant or honey brewed at a still produces 5 units of alcohol. A single stack of plants will be brewed for each task, and the resulting booze will be placed into a single barrel - a stack of Plump helmet [5] will produce Dwarven wine [25] and will only occupy a single barrel. Skilled growers, who tend to plant seeds more skillfully and produce larger stacks, can therefore reduce the number of barrels required to store alcohol, which in turn minimizes the required stockpile size. Brewing produces seeds for plants that can be planted and is under the hard-coded limit of 200 seeds for each kind.

A still can be made within the workshop menu, when selecting to build something (b-W-l).

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