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v0.34:Frequently Asked Questions

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This article is about an older version of DF.

This page documents commonly asked questions and answers. Some of these questions were taken from the Bay12 Gameplay Questions page.





Gameplay: Uncategorized[edit]

Water Questions

Q: If you drain water into naturally flooded caverns, will it flow off the map? Or will they eventually start to fill up?

A: It will flow off the edge of the map.


Q: I've got someone in a mood and he wants bones. Well, there's a dead bear skeleton just outside the fort, and I've got lots of tame animals tethered or wandering around.

A: First off, make sure you've got a butcher's shop, and a dwarf with butchering labour enabled. Then go to the "animals screen"(from {z} screen), and toggle "ready for slaughter" for those you want to kill. Your butcher will also automatically butcher every dead animal in the refuse stockpile. This includes extracting bones from "partial skeletons". Make a refuse stockpile by the butcher's, and enable refuse gathering from the outside(o->r->o, iirc).


Q: I have 3 miners in my fort, 1 is a migrant (He's the working miner) the other 2 came on embark. The original 2 won't mine anything. (I checked and they're holding picks) The new guy is steady mining all the time. What gives?

A: If you're mining a tunnel which is only 1 square in width, only 1 Dwarf will mine. Ensure they all have picks equipped. Did you perchance assign mining through Dwarf Therapist? Either way, unassign, unpause, and then reassign mining labour. Could be all that's required. In some of my own tests, it wasn't even necessary to unpause - just going into v-p-l, selecting Mining (or Wood Cutting) and hitting Enter twice was enough to fix it.


Q: Is there any way to edit the frequency or max/min amount of migrants that join your fortress? I keep keeping double digit migrations and I hate being forced to expand quickly. I know I can just draft some into military positions, but I have a picky principle on better to not have labor than to waste labor.

A: See Immigration


Q: I've recently noticed while browsing Legends that some of my dwarves started a group, "The Noiseless Thing". It doesn't say it worships anything/anyone, but dwarves entered it en masse (though I don't think all of them). Should I be worried? I also have not found anything when searching for "group" on the subject on this wiki.

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