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Bronze colossus



  • Any Land

Building destroyer: Level 2

· Megabeast · Genderless · No Stun · No Pain · No Exert · Fanciful · Humanoid

Cannot be tamed

Adult at: Birth
Max age: Immortal
Becomes after death

bronze statue

This article is about an older version of DF.

A bronze colossus is a megabeast that can shrug off most attacks, destroy buildings, and toss the defenders of a fort around as if they were toy anvils. When one takes up residence near a fortress, it's up to those within to make an end of it, or it will make an end of them.

Strangely, this creature has eyes, but removing them won't do much as these metal monstrosities don't bleed or feel pain.

Upon its death a bronze colossus becomes a masterwork bronze statue (worth 1500☼), a great decoration for a grand entrance hall.

When fighting a bronze colossus, any broken limb will break off, making blunt weapons such as war hammers and maces significantly more effective than slashing or piercing weapons.