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Profession Mason
Labor Stone detailing
  • Smooth stone
  • Engrave stone
  • Carve fortifications
This article is about an older version of DF.

Engraver is the skill used to smooth or engrave rocks, as well as to carve a fortification into a smoothed wall. The skill of the engraver does not affect the quality of smoothed tiles, but does affect the quality of engraved tiles. It is a good idea to train engravers by having them smooth large areas before engraving anything.

Engraving is a good way to build up the attributes: strength, agility and toughness. Smoothing improves your fortress, doesn't consume resources, doesn't create garbage and builds experience very quickly at the higher skill levels.

However, if engraving is a dwarf's highest skill, and that dwarf enters and completes a strange mood, then the dwarf will reach legendary status in engraving, instead of in one of the more valuable skills that are harder to train.