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Profession Farmer
Labor Farming (workshop)
  • Process plants
  • Process plants (to Bag)
  • Process plants (to Barrel)
  • Process plants (to Vial)

Farmer's workshop

This article is about an older version of DF.

Thresher is the skill that dwarves use when processing plants at a farmer's workshop. All plant processing jobs will also yield seeds suitable for replanting (assuming the plant has seeds to begin with).

  • Process plants:
Turns pig tails and rope reeds into thread. No container is necessary.
  • Process plants (to bag):
Turns quarry bushes into quarry bush leaves and stores them in a bag. Each quarry bush produces five leaves.
Turns sweet pods into dwarven syrup and stores it in a barrel. Each sweet pod produces five units of syrup.
  • Process plants (to vial):
Turns valley herbs into Golden salve and stores it in a glass vial. Currently there is no use for this extract other than as an export good.

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