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Profession Jeweler
Labor Jeweling
  • Encrust ammo with gem name
  • Encrust finished goods with gem name
  • Encrust furniture with gem name

Jeweler's workshop

This article is about an older version of DF.

Jeweler is a category profession for dwarves that work with gems. Jewelers work in a jeweler's workshop, either cutting rough gems into usable gems or setting gems into either furniture, finished goods or ammo.

An adult dwarf whose best skill is in this category will be known as a "Jeweler".

The two Jeweler skills are:

Dwarf.png Jeweler

The jeweler skill (known in later versions as "gem setter") is used by a dwarf for encrusting furniture, finished goods and ammo with gems. A high level of gem setting allows a dwarf to set gems faster and with better quality, making the decorated items more valuable. The jeweler skill is also used when constructing designed buildings made of glass blocks.

Large gems can not be used for setting as they are finished goods.

Note that choosing to encrust a bundle of bolts will create enormous value, as the same materials are used for a whole stack or a single bolt. Some players consider this as cheating.