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This article is about an older version of DF.

Wrestler is a skill which determines the ability to dodge attacks and to grapple the enemy and perform a variety of devastating moves against the enemy in wrestling combat. The use of fists and improvised weapons (such as pieces of clothing) combat also increases Wrestler skill. It is also used to refer to someone whose greatest skill is the Wrestler skill.

When sparring, wrestlers will occasionally tear off clothes from their opponent's body or spill the contents of backpacks. The latter can result in rotting food that cannot be moved because it is owned by a dwarf. It might therefore be advisable to make barracks a room that can be locked up to avoid dwarves getting in contact with miasma.

If a dwarf is set to wrestle as part of cross-training, they may forget to let go of an article of clothing they've wrestled off of another dwarf. This can cause problems as dwarves assigned to use other weapons while still holding another dwarf's clothing will continue to wrestle. There are a few ways of dealing with this. Marking items in a dwarf's hands for chasming will cause a dwarf with refuse hauling to take it away (but then chuck it into the chasm, which may be undesirable). Saving, then going into the dwarf's creature file and removing the [THOUGHT] tag from the dwarf's brain will cause every single dwarf to pass out and drop their entire inventory (though this will also cause them to forget to breathe, so put it back before you continue to play). Putting a squad on duty and assigning them no weapons or armor will cause them to check and drop all the armor they have, including articles of clothing in their hands. You can also un-draft the dwarf if he isn't a champion yet, unless they have the hunting labor enabled they will drop all non-clothing armor.