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This article is about an older version of DF.

Ores are a type of stone that can be used to create bars of metal at a smelter. All unmined ores are represented by the £ symbol (except for bituminous coal, which appears as ).

Every embark region contains exactly 100 veins of ore, with types distributed predictably between the various types.

Ore Location Amount Metal created Metal value
£ Raw adamantine The depths Special Adamantine1 300
£ Cassiterite Anywhere 19 veins Tin 2
£ Galena Anywhere 20 veins Silver 10
£ Gold, native Beyond the chasm 6 veins Gold 30
£ Hematite Beyond the chasm 6 veins Iron 10
£ Malachite Anywhere 27 veins Copper 2
£ Platinum, native Beyond the chasm 5 veins Platinum 40
£ Sphalerite Anywhere 12 veins Zinc2 2
Bituminous coal3 Beyond the chasm 5 veins Coke N/A
1 - Note that raw adamantine/adamantine does not follow all the usual rules for an ore/metal in several respects - see article for full discussion.
2 - Though it is an ore of zinc, sphalerite cannot be smelted directly into zinc - it can only be combined with malachite to make brass.
3 - While it is found in the same manner as other ores, bituminous coal is not strictly an ore.

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