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23a:Raw adamantine

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This article is about an older version of DF.
Spoiler2010.png This article contains massive spoilers. If you do not wish to have your game experience spoiled, do not scroll down!
Raw adamantine
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The depths

You have struck adamantine! Praise the miners!

Raw adamantine deposits are located at the far right edge of the mountain, lining an impassable chasm a short distance beyond the eerie glowing pits located past the magma river. Upon discovering it, all digging designations within 15 tiles of the right edge of the map will be cancelled so your dwarves don't accidentally start mining it out. Unlike in later versions, unskilled miners do not have a 100% chance to successfully mine raw adamantine, so you should always ensure that only Legendary miners are allowed near it.

A miner has broken through to an expansive cave system.

Too Deep...[edit]

Contact was lost. Some blamed the goblins. Others assumed it was just another badly managed fortress that had fallen to turmoil and been abandoned. Still others whispered that the prison of <Name> had been broken and that all who dared enter that place would surely perish. What happened to <Fortress>? Only you can discover the truth.

Once you begin mining raw adamantine, there will be a chance at each season change that the game will abruptly end with the creepy message above (unless you are under siege); thus, if you want to keep your happy fortress running indefinitely, you must never mine any raw adamantine.

The process works like this: at the end of each season, the amount of mined raw adamantine is compared to a random number between 0 and 99 inclusive. If the ore amount is larger, your fortress will be "too-deeped" at the end of the next season. The random number is "re-rolled" for each check, so even if you mined only one tile of adamantine, your fortress will come to an end sooner or later.

Abandoning and reclaiming the fortress resets the timer but not the amount of mined ore - since you arrive at the very start of the season, you have a whole season before the first check, and another one before any chance of 'too deep'. So, if you mine 100 (or more) ore, abandon the fort, then reclaim it, you'll have two seasons to do what you want. At this point, you can either abandon and reclaim again, ad infinitum, or let time run out.

Fortresses that come to their demise in this manner cannot be reclaimed, though they can be explored later in adventurer mode.

If you revisit such a fortress in adventurer mode, you will encounter the demon that was released from the abyss. If you manage to defeat it, all raw adamantine in the fortress, mined or not, will turn into galena. Mysterious!

As each world only contains one demon per mountain range, discovering adamantine at one fortress will disallow embarking at any other fortress along that same mountain range (to prevent the same demon from being released from multiple fortresses). Furthermore, this means that releasing all of the demons in a given world (which would require mining adamantine from at least 5-6 different fortresses) will make it impossible to start any new fortresses, effectively limiting the entire world to Adventurer mode and Legends mode.

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