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Wikipedia article

This article is about an older version of DF.

Silver can be found anywhere in the mountain in the form of galena ore, which can be refined into silver bars at a smelter. Silver can be fashioned into metal crafts, coins, and furniture, as well as bolts and weapons (except for picks and crossbows). Weapons and ammo made from silver do less damage than those made of copper, and have no special properties. Because of their low damage, silver weapons can be used to reduce injuries during sparring, but getting soldiers to exchange their silver weapons for better ones later on can be a pain. Silver weapons can be useful trade goods, as caravans often strike agreements to pay a premium on weapons. Silver cannot be used to make armor.

Items made from silver are more valuable than copper, and less valuable than those fashioned from gold. Silver can also be combined with gold to form an alloy known as electrum once the dungeon master noble has arrived.