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This article is about an older version of DF.

Sand is a special material found lining the banks of rivers, as well as making up the entirety of sand deserts.


Sand is used in the production of green and clear glass items at a glass furnace (crystal glass items require rock crystal in its place). To collect sand, simply issue the task "Collect Sand" at a glass furnace. Each Dwarf collecting sand will require a bag, only one dwarf will collect sand per furnace, and no other tasks can be performed at the furnace while sand is being collected. Sand collection requires the "Item Hauling" labor. Sand will generally be collected from a random point along the edge of the cave river - for this reason, you may wish to use locked doors to keep your dwarves from wandering too far from the safety of your defenses.

Filled bags of sand are considered furniture, and as such require the "Furniture Hauling" labor to move. Sand bags are stored in furniture stockpiles with "sand bags" enabled. Collected sand is listed in its own section on the stocks menu.

To get bags to fill with sand for your fortress, create a leather bag at a leather works or a cloth bag at a clothes maker's shop. To have sand bags stored near your glass furnace, create a furniture stockpile with only "sand bags" enabled (this is selected via the u key in the furniture/siege ammo submenu of the stockpile settings menu) but with all materials still permitted. It may be useful to construct several glass furnaces so that you can have several "collect sand" jobs queued on them at the same time, which helps ensure that you have enough filled sand bags on hand to keep your glassmaker(s) supplied.