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This article is about an older version of DF.

An animal's modvalue affects the value of caged wild animals, animal corpses, body parts, meat, raw fish, chunks, fat, bones, skulls, shells, raw hides, silk thread, and anything made from these raw materials, including prepared food, soap, and leather or silk clothing. The modvalue does not affect the value of caged tame animals or pet animals.

Modvalue Animal names
x50 Demon, Dragon, Hydra, Merperson
x20 Frog demon, Tentacle demon
x10 Blizzard man, Fire imp, Giant cave spider, Giant desert scorpion, Ogre, Sasquatch, Troll, Unicorn
x5 Cave crocodile, Giant bat, Giant cave swallow, Giant eagle, Giant olm, Giant toad, Purring maggot
x4 Alligator, Nightwing, Saltwater crocodile, Werewolf
x3 All large oceanic creatures (Walrus, Whale, sharks, oceanic fish), Black bear, Carp, Cheetah, Cougar, Elephant, Giant cheetah, Giant jaguar, Giant leopard, Giant lion, Giant tiger, Grizzly bear, Hippo, Jaguar, Leechman, Leopard, Lion, Longnose gar, Pike, Polar bear, Sea monster, Sea serpent, Slugman, Snailman, Strangler, Tiger, Tigerfish, Tigerman
x2 Beak dog, Cow, Elk, Foul blendec, Giant mole, Giant rat, Ice wolf, Large rat, Muskox, Naked mole dog, One-humped camel, Satyr, Two-humped camel, Warthog, Wolf
x1 Antman, Batman, Bilou, Black-crested gibbon, Black-handed gibbon, Bonobo, Cat, Cave Swallowman, Chimpanzee, Cyclops, Dark gnome, Deer, Dog, Donkey, Dwarf, Elf, Ettin, Fox, Frogman, Gazelle, Giant, Goblin, Gorilla, Gray gibbon, Gremlin, Groundhog, Harpy, Hoary marmot, Horse, Human, Kobold, Lizardman, Mandrill, Minotaur, Mountain gnome, Mountain goat, Mule, Olmman, Orangutan, Phantom spider, Pileated gibbon, Raccoon, Ratman, Rhesus macaque, Siamang, Silvery gibbon, Snakeman, Titan, Troglodyte, White-browed gibbon, White-handed gibbon, Wizard

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