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This article is about the current version of DF.

Camps () are a type of site.

Bandit camps[edit]

They are run by various brigands and outlaws on the fringes of civilization. Their inhabitants are drawn from a parent civilization with the BANDITRY token. If the parent civilization also has the LOCAL_BANDITRY token, a camp's residents can be found ambushing adventurers and raiding nearby towns, instead of just loitering around the camp.

Camps themselves lack any buildings or signs of habitation, except for the occasional campfire and pile of loot.

Travelers are also known to set up "camps" when stopping for the night. These are not camps in the same sense as the sites themselves, but merely ad-hoc resting places. This is despite the appearance of buildings in the form of tents, with cloth or leather walls, which are removed once the group resumes travel. Strangely, actual bandit camps themselves have no such luxuries.

In addition, camps are set up by invader armies at both their origin, and their destination, albeit at different times. For example, if a local lord mentions that an army is on the march toward a location, groups of soldiers and citizens of the invading civilization can be found outside of the invader's origin, and at a later time, outside of the invader's destination.

In 42.01 onward, killing bandits in Adventure mode will give you a reputation as "protector of the weak".v0.42.01

Adventurer camps[edit]

Adventurers can build camps anywhere outside the borders of existing sites. They share the same world map icon with bandit camps, however they look much different in close proximity and interestingly, you can quick travel inside them and out of them (but not into them)

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