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This article is about the current version of DF.
A wood training sword

Training weapons are edgeless wooden weapons created at a carpenter's workshop. There are three kinds available; axes, spears, and swords.

Dwarves won't harm each other (or themselves) during combat drills, or sparring while using metal weapons, so training weapons are only useful when you have no metal weapon of the kind you'd like your soldiers to train with, and in a few specific circumstances.

Training weapons are virtually useless in combat, so make sure that your soldiers have exchanged them for real weapons before sending them into battle, even if it means using a weapon they are totally unfamiliar with. Their utter uselessness can prove useful for live training, however.

Note that soldiers equipped with training weapons for extended periods of time can grow attached to their worthless wooden weapons. Congratulations - you now have a legendary stick.

Training weapons also have a few specific applications: poor-quality training spears are a prime component in danger room design. Training weapons are also ideal non-lethal equipment for your fortress guard, as particularly powerful weapons may seriously wound or kill criminals, including mandate violators.

Training axes cannot be used for cutting down trees. A bug that let dwarves do this (thereby freeing up embark points, as weapon-grade metal axes are expensive) was fixed in 0.43.03.