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This article is about the current version of DF.
For a comparison of different weapons, see Weapon.

A maul is a blunt weapon that is essentially a very large war hammer (similar to a modern-day sledgehammer). Mauls are more than three times larger than standard war hammers, with a similar "bash" attack. Mauls also have a 10x larger contact area and greatly increased penetration, but cannot be swung with nearly as much velocity.

Mauls use and train the hammerdwarf skill. Being foreign weapons, dwarves cannot forge mauls, limiting supply to whatever specimens can be traded from human caravans (which can never be steel ones, but can be of masterwork quality if you're lucky) and scavenged from invaders. Although, it is possible that a dwarf in a strange mood craft a maul as a legendary artifact.

Due to the size of mauls, most dwarves are unable to equip them. With height and broadness modifiers, some dwarves should be able to use a maul, and a select few might manage to do so one-handed. Unfortunately, due to a bug, mauls cannot currently be equipped by any dwarves, but they work really well inside a weapon trap. Alternatively, you can grant residency to human visitors and have them wield them for you.


In fortress mode, one-handed vs. two-handed checks are performed correctly, but can wield vs. can't wield ignores height and broadness modifiers, so dwarves cannot equip mauls.Bug:0005812 See this forum post for details.