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This article is about the current version of DF.
For a comparison of different weapons, see Weapon.
Tholtig poses with a great axe (by burningpet)

A great axe is an edged weapon that is essentially a larger battle axe. Great axes are more than 50% larger than standard battle axes, though their attacks remain the same. A great axe's blade has a 50% larger contact area and 33% greater penetration, for even more limb-severing fun.

Great axes use and train the Axedwarf skill. As foreign weapons, dwarves cannot forge great axes, limiting supply to whatever low-quality specimens can be traded from human caravans and scavenged from invaders.

Due to the size of great axes, most dwarves are unable to equip them. With height and broadness modifiers, some dwarves should be able to use a great axe, and a select few might manage to do so one-handed. Unfortunately, due to a bug, great axes cannot currently be equipped by any dwarves.


Great axes appear to be simply worse than battle axes, after much searching in arena testing for a single situation where they're better. Regardless of the size of the user, or the material of the axe or armour (if any), great axes will lose most fair duels against battle axes. For creatures that can use great axes with one hand, the disadvantage is small, but for most creatures the disadvantage is immense, as losing use of either [GRASP] will heavily penalize them.


In fortress mode, one-handed vs. two-handed checks are performed correctly, but can wield vs. can't wield ignores height and broadness modifiers, so dwarves cannot equip great axes.Bug:5812 See this forum post for details.

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Dwarven: saràm libash
Elvish: apaca cuthefi
Goblin: snuz agun
Human: umon osp