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A dryland is a catch-all term for a biome with no real source of water. This article deals with keeping your dwarves alive in such an environment.

Will your dwarves die of thirst?[edit]

No, not normally. All dwarves prefer to drink alcohol over water, thus, as long as you have a steady supply of booze, your dwarves will continue happily. However injured dwarves will drink water, and water only. In such a case, the dwarves will eventually die.

Hidden water[edit]

Are you sure your biome has no water? Just because none is on the surface doesn't mean there isn't any to be had. You may have:

  • Aquifers. Simply digging down may yield an infinite water source.
  • An Ocean. You will have to desalinate the water by running it through a screw pump, but it'll do.
  • Ice. You will need a source of magma to melt it, but it can be done.
  • Murky pools. Murky pools are surface ponds that will refill when it rains, and often dry out over summer.

True drylands[edit]

If your settlement doesn't have any of the above, you're kind of screwed. As long as you can keep your alcohol production up your dwarves won't die, but you may have to say goodbye to any and every dwarf that gets injured unless they are healed and out of bed before dying of thirst.

However, caverns often have water. Channel a hole into a cavern ceiling above a pool and build a well on top of the hole. Works for many Z-levels. Look out for other things crawling up, though.

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