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How do I increase the value of a room

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This article is about the current version of DF.
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Room value can be essential, whether it is a high-class dining hall for your dwarves or opulent throne rooms for your nobles. Depending on what resources you have available, there are several ways to quickly increase the value of a room:

  • Increase the size of the room - doubling the amount of floorspace nearly doubles the base value of the room (before furniture is added in).
  • Smoothing and engraving the walls and floors. Note: when engraving walls, make sure your engravers are working from *inside* the room. Also note that smoothing enhances the value of walls more than that of floors, so you may want an oddly-shaped room with a lot of walls. Smoothing also increases the value of clusters/veins more than that of layer stone, even if the cluster stone has the same material value as the layer stone -- see Kipi's research.
  • Adding artifact furniture - a single legendary piece of furniture can greatly increase the value of a room.
  • Adding high-value furniture - masterwork furniture is worth more than twice as much as the next highest level. Statues have the highest base value of "normal" furniture, while weapon traps allow you to stack 11 high-value items into one convenient tile, and levers allow stacking theoretically unlimited numbers of mechanisms.
  • Adding more furniture - even low-quality furniture - can raise the room value, if you use enough of it. Fill the room with whatever leftovers are available and watch the value climb.
  • Building floor bars only requires the furniture hauling skill, and can produce a modest increase in room value, particularly when expensive metal bars are used. Your metal bars can be reclaimed later if needed.
  • Make sure the room is fully enclosed by walls and/or doors -- gaps in the perimeter reduce the value of certain features of the room by a percentage -- see here for details.