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This article is about the current version of DF.
Note that some content may still need to be updated.

See the Interface category and Fortress mode for more information
V50 interface main.png

The game interface is made up of several different parts. In the screenshot you will notice:

  • A: This is the area where announcements pop up.
  • B: In the lower left corner are menu buttons for creatures, tasks, places, labor, work orders, nobles, objects, and justice.
  • C: If enabled, the FPS counter is shown here, as game ticks (and graphical FPS).
  • D: The center designation tools shape the world:
  • E: The lower right corner are buttons for your military menu and an overview of rest of the world.
  • F: This bar indicates how deep the currently viewed elevation is; blue is above ground, the rest is below.
  • G: A mini-map of the current elevation your entire site with the area you can currently see outlined in yellow, and the specific elevation number below.
  • H: These are some game controls:
    • Pause, play (can switch between these with Space), settings (also available in ESC menu), and help.
    • Hotkey menu, also h.
    • Move view to surface at this position.
    • Move view to lowest revealed level at this position.
    • Zoom view in, also [ or Ctrl+Wheel, and display fluid level, also f.
    • Zoom view out, also ] or Ctrl+Wheel, and display ramp indicators, also r.
  • I: This is the overall Status of your fortress, including name, happiness levels, some food Stocks counts, and calendar information; this bar can vary in size and components depending on game resolution and UI scale settings.