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Missing features

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This page lists the missing features of DF version 50, which were present in 0.47. Some of those don't have an alternative yet and are not implemented, which is what this list is about. This list is a work in progress as many discussions are scattered between multiple platforms and new issues are being discovered daily. Some of these were removed due to time constraints and are intended to be brought back in the future. [1]

Missing gameplay features[edit]

  • Locations can't be disbanded once they have been created.
  • Workshops can't be restricted to a certain skill level or labor (Workshop profiles).
  • Labor priorities are not available (aside from prioritizing certain tiles when mining or smoothing).
  • No mass designation of buildings to mark them as to be removed.
  • No mass removal of building foundations (as in the foundations which are created after placing a building).
  • Burrows are only designable on a layer-by-layer basis. Painting over multiple layers only saves the one you first clicked.
  • Specific mechanisms aren't selectable when linking levers to objects, you need to forbid every other mechanism through the stock screen to have the autoselect choose the one you want.
  • Civilian alerts are not available.
  • Characters cited among your dwarves' relationships cannot be examined if they're not on the map (i.e. gods).
  • Ammo types are automatically selected by ranged weapon users and cannot be assigned.
  • Worldgen cannot be aborted once it has reached the desired history length.
  • Can't mass bury dwarves in the same room in multiple coffins. (can't select a coffin to be used for burial, that functionality has been moved to a tomb zone requiring multiple tombs for multiple dwarves).

Missing UI features[edit]

  • Logs aren't accessible after closing them. There is no combat log available when clicking a creature.
  • No health screen with an overview of dwarf and livestock health.
  • Notes cannot be created. As an alternative, most buildings, zones, and stockpiles can be renamed.
  • There is no UI to visualize trade depot accessibility.

Other missing features[edit]

  • Adventure mode is missing, for now.
  • The map cannot be viewed in Legends mode. This also leaves Civilizations without icons.
  • World painter is absent.

Reintroduced features[edit]