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Rose gold

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Rose Gold
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Fire-safe Not magma-safe

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Rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper, made at a smelter. It is made by combining three gold bars with one copper bar, which results in four rose gold bars. The value of this is a little subjective, as the total material worth of the produced metal is the same as that of the ingredients (3*30 and 1*2 -> 4*23), but on a per-bar basis, it is actually less valuable than just gold by itself, and thus any item crafted with it will be worth less than if it were crafted with just gold.

However, on screen it is a lovely pink color, and given how item quality works as of v50, the material value of the item is much less important than an item's level of craftsdwarfship, since greater levels of craftsdwarfship impart a greater flat value increase, so rose gold can be used to stretch out your gold supply to create more items overall. This is particularly effective with goblets, crafts, and jewelry, considering multiples of these items are created from a single bar. Combine this with a talented Jeweler to encrust the resulting items, which adds even more craftsdwarfship value, and you can end up with far more highly valuable goods to export. While the bars themselves don't create as much value as smelting electrum from ore using galena or tetrahedrite, the resulting bars are slightly more valuable than electrum (23 vs 20), and the recipe uses the far more common copper. However, rose gold uses far more gold bars than copper, so if your stockpiles are overflowing with copper, smelting rose gold is unlikely to change that, and may quickly drain your supply of gold if you do so carelessly. However, if the only gold you have lying around is already in bar form, and/or your supply of tetrahedrite and galena is lacking, rose gold does still have its uses.

One quirk of rose gold is that it is the same density as gold, despite using a much lighter copper bar in its creation. If you're in need of a lot of especially heavy items for your stupid dwarf trick, this bears consideration.

"Rose gold" in other Languages Books-aj.svg aj ashton 01.svg
Dwarven: istbar limul
Elvish: sareve ithi
Goblin: umstos ongong
Human: tawki abli
Rose gold ring.