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This article is about the current version of DF.
Note that some content may still need to be updated.

The basic point of Fortress mode is:

  • Build/dig a place for your dwarves to work and live
  • Ensure survivability by providing food and water/drink for every dwarf
  • Provide basic comfort by building beds/quarters, a dining room
  • Defend your fortress (traps/military)
  • From the way Toady implements some features, have a lot of (twisted) fun
  • Accumulate wealth
  • Build and sustain a bustling full 220-dwarf fortress (this is already a bit "optional")

Most people prefer to do some/most of these steps:

  • Expand the fortress to have specific areas for specific purposes (Bedrooms, workshops, farms etc.)
  • Create various items for exporting (Trade)
  • Create a working military
  • Dig out the riches of the earth (mainly platinum, gold, gems, adamantine etc.)
  • Create luxury for your dwarves and a generally grand and nicely smoothed fortress
  • Make your fort self-sustaining and self-supplied
  • Experiment with and experience the full depth of all game features
  • Complete megalomaniac construction projects
  • Experiment with and/or discover stupid dwarf tricks
  • Kill elves
  • Create the world's largest brewery
  • Do it all over again with one skill-less dwarf in a terrifying biome
  • Profit!

Ultimately, it's really up to your own imagination what you wish to do. After all, this game is an open-ended game. The possibilities are endless.

If you feel the need to play a more goal-based game, check out the list of game goals for suggestions.