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Hi, I just thought I'd sign up, just in case there was actually something useful I might be able to contribute to the wiki. Relatively inexperienced with wiki editing, so apologies in advance if a commit an unintended faux pas. -Alpacalyspe

Pet projects[edit]

  • Updating everything linked to in Template:V50_menus, and creating new pages; for wiki to be accurate (in this regard) as of v50 update.
  • Addressing inconsistencies, inaccuracies and missing information on the wiki, relating to changes in the scope and meaning of certain terminology in recent updates.
  • Working on {{V50_raws}} navigation template and related categorization of wiki pages.

To-do or Open-ended[edit]

Files and raws[edit]


Links to useful things I often forget or can't find:

Categories & Lists[edit]



Categories & Structure[edit]