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Release information/50.01

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The first version in this release cycle, DF 50.01, was released on December 6, 2022. It was introduced with the Dwarf Fortress Premium launch on the Steam and itch.io platforms. The classic version update was not finished at the time.

The release did not include an official changelog. An incomplete and unedited changelog was released on the publisher's site [1]:

UI-related features[edit]

  • tutorial/guides/tooltips
  • all menus improved and have mouse support
  • wasd support
  • mouse wheel to change elevation, click mouse wheel and drag to recenter
  • view multiple elevations at once
  • info readout where mouse is
  • ui/play area can be scaled/zoomed separately
  • can now interact with more menus while unpaused
  • right click to leave any menu
  • easy to find buttons
  • minimap clickable, higher resolution
  • population shown by emotion
  • food/drink amounts shown at all times
  • date/moon/weather shown
  • new information hub centralizing a lot of data
  • character sheets with tons of accessible info including thoughts and memories
  • ability to use closest material when building, and to keep building after placement
  • faster zone/stockpile/burrow/track placement
  • zones and locations easier to manage, zones and rooms unified into zones
  • stockpiles much easier to manage/link/customize
  • burrows now easier to manage, burrows can be paused
  • minecart hauling system much easier to use
  • hospital now a location instead of a zone, so it can span multiple areas, be named, and have associated occupations
  • more search filters on lists, more alphabetization, collapsing categories
  • new alert and report system
  • flow of diplomacy changed, no longer interrupts you, incorporated into alert system
  • more feedback on trade screen
  • labor settings replaced with work details
  • children do chores like hauling
  • can now place constructions over existing constructions
  • military screen and unit orders combined in easy to use squad menu
  • work orders much easier to use, suggested trigger conditions relieve most of the need to build your own
  • new button to recenter on locations, easier recentering generally
  • surface and depth buttons
  • hospital screen and character sheet replace health tab
  • standing orders easier to understand and use in info tab
  • faster worldgen, now has a history readout as you go
  • embarking much easier, more of the map is shown, biome information much easier to find
  • site finder faster, shows specific metals, can be stopped
  • easier to access difficulty settings and triggers
  • legend mode hyperlinks

Other features[edit]

  • new goal to become mountainhome
  • multi-timeline save system
  • mod system revamped, load order
  • stress system improved
  • jewels easier to find and cutting gems made easier
  • easier to find iron
  • can choose noble symbols of power
  • multiple leather items per skin based on size
  • new underground features
  • new agitation system in savage areas, elves more demanding
  • return of underground invasions
  • farm output depends on soil location (caverns better)
  • caravan economy tightened considerably, wagons now require baron
  • appraisal skill matters in degrees
  • new prefs folder to separate out changes you made in settings from the defaults


  • bins bug - no longer need such a need for quantum stockpiles
  • civil war bugs
  • megabeast religions now work properly
  • many many many more

Missing Features[edit]

Main article: Missing features

Many features which were present in 0.47 were missing in 50.01, including the medical screen, the ability to add notes, and civilian alerts.