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Emmanovi has been happy lately. He admired own Human Fortress lately. He talked with a friend lately. He complained of insufficient sleep lately. He was consoled by a pet lately. He celebrated his birthday recently.

He is a citizen and pedant of The United Kingdom.

Emmanovi likes Olivine, Silver, Gold, Rubies, the colour green and humans for their stature. When possible, he prefers to consume Cow's Milk. He absolutely detests spelling and grammatical errors. He speaks English and is moderately able at German.

He lives life at a leisurely pace. He doesn't need thrills or risks in life. He is truly fulfilled by assisting those in need. He never becomes angry. He is often nervous. He can easily become absorbed in art and the beauty of the natural world. He is assertive. He sacrifices his own needs to get along with others. He is often sad and dejected. He has a strong sense of duty. He prefers familiar routines. He enjoys the company of others. He has a fertile imagination. He only rarely feels strong cravings or urges. He is entranced by riddles and puzzles and loves to debate issues and ideas. He would never claim to be better than somebody else. He is disorganized. He is occasionally given to procrastination. He is very straightforward with others. He is very trusting. He thinks it is incredibly important to strive for excellence. He is mostly unaware of his own emotions and rarely expresses them. He is incredibly compassionate and feels the pain of others. He does not feel effective in life. He thinks through every alternative and its consequences before acting. He likes working outdoors and grumbles only mildly at inclement weather.