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Hey ho, it's me, the same guy as at Wikipedia with the self same imaginative name which is my real one...

it's also my mailbox name at hotmail.com. Or I'm on twitter.

I have come here via Vanilla Angband, a real roguelike game.

I ran a log of my early gaming experience and thoughts. I did manage to update it each session or so but have stopped now. Once I can get a settlement over 100 dwarves, producing metal items, and running screw pumps from water or wind power sources I will have another go.


  • 27 Feb 2020 Hey, if I say I'm coming back, you don't have to remind me every decade. I'm back.

. . . . . .

  • 2 April 2010: After not being able to connect to the forum yesterday, I worked out it was because there was an April Fool release. OMFG How could I miss it?
  • 31 August 2008: I made my first set of plate mail. It was bronze of course but hey metal armor is metal armor!
  • 3 September 2008: Started a new fortress, "Teskomolin", which has the following features:
    • Volcano (picked location for this feature)
    • Cave system
    • Kobold village with widespread loot
    • Cavern
    • Brook
    • Iron men - yes, several
Actually beginning play revealed that there are extensive seams of gold, silver, aluminium, and a wide variety of gems. The kobolds are safely on the other side of a chasm (cliffs on both sides with the brook through the middle). This looks like a keeper!
  • 19 September: Teskomolin is still active. Made my first warhammer, spear, battleaxe, mace due to an abundance of silver. Hopefully my next wave of immigrants may have some professional soldiers!
  • Playing onulbudam, have become a barony with 10 artifacts including usable furniture and a weapon. Legendary craftsmen include masons, weaponsmith, metalsmith, and stone carvers. Created wealth on becoming a barony is 1168404.
  • 2012: I'm back but will be editing here with my usual online handle. I have upgraded, there are some interesting changes, and I have forgotten some things such as how to build a perpetual pump stack. But with the ease with which you can find a cavern now... does it matter?

Unusual artifacts[edit]

  1. Bebmal Kirar is a door made of gazelle bone made by my trapper in a craftsdwarf's workshop.
  2. Avedbungek Lushutecem is a millstone made of granite by my mason. It features an image showing my dwarves striking down an iron man. History of the fortress "Teskomolin" recorded for all time! or until abandonment at any rate...
  3. iltangbukith Zilirdumatnomal Lek, "Forkedturmoils the Eternal Rough Staff" is a bracelet made of Felsite by my soapmaker in a kitchen. It features an image showing dwarves speaking and another image of dwarves labouring. Creating this artifact changed my journeyman soapmaker into a legendary stonecrafter.

Garrie is quite pleased about being part of a great project. He has played little Dwarf Fortress recently. He is exstatic that his brother has had a child recently. He slept in a fine bedroom recently. He ate in a nice dining room recently. He has recovered from feeling ill and being unable to work. He admired his own garden recently. He has been satisfied at work recently.

Garrie spends time at other websites related to friends and angband. Garrie likes computer games, working outdoors, and dogs for their playfulness. When possible, he prefers to consume beef and bourbon. He absolutely dispises bogans. He dislikes disorder.

Garrie prefers working outdoor and rarely complains about inclement weather. He often does the first activity that comes to hand but continues with it for waaaay tooo long. He enjoys alcohol but does not rely on it to get through the working day. He is not the hardened individual that he used to be.