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This article is about an older version of DF.

Cheese is a food item made from milk at the Farmer's workshop with the cheese making labor. It can be eaten as is or cooked into prepared meals.

A single "Make cheese" job will take a barrel of milk to the workshop and produce several stacks of cheese of size 5 or less - for example, a barrel containing 17 units of milk will produce 3 stacks of 5 cheese and 1 stack of 2 cheese.

The milk of any milk-producing animal can be converted to cheese. With the exception of dwarven cheese, which is made from dwarven milk, all other cheeses are priced at the value of 10☼.

Counterintuitively, while milk in a barrel won't rot, cheese outside of a food stockpile will.

Cheese pricing and trade information
Name Price Dwarven trade good Human trade good Elven trade good
Dwarven cheese 20☼ No1 No No
Other cheeses 10☼ Yes Yes No

1: By default, you can't get dwarven milk or cheese from embarkation or dwarven caravans Bug:1449. See this section for a workaround.