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This article is about an older version of DF.

Copper is a metal used in a large number of alloys, among them Bronze, which is almost as good as iron for smithing weapons and armor, and Brass, which has the largest value increase of all non-steel alloys. Copper itself is a common, low-value metal and a sub-par arms material- more specifically, it is the second worst metal available for slashing weapons, but is pretty good for blunt weapons.

Copper is fire-safe but not magma-safe.

Major uses[edit]

  • Early-game melee weapon and armor production, if you have no tin to make bronze or no iron. You will probably do best to find better metals though.
  • Making bronze, which is better overall than copper for military applications.
  • Training metalworking dwarves : copper is generally plentiful. This is possibly the best use for copper if you have better metals.
  • Copper crossbows and copper bolts. Copper crossbows are the best crossbows if your marksdwarves are forced into melee : silver crossbows are only brought by humans and have no quality modifiers. Copper bolts are heavy enough and sharp enough to work as a good projectile, and iron/steel is generally too rare to be used in bolts. Both uses also train your weaponsmiths, which is always a good thing.
  • Bins, cages, and barrels: although wooden ones are generally cheaper and lighter, copper containers are fire-safe and resistant to vermin. On maps where wood is scarce, copper can serve as a suitable substitute.


Copper is smelted (at a Smelter) from Native copper, Malachite, or Tetrahedrite.

Copper may be combined with other metals at a smelter. The following is a list of recipes involving copper: