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Room requirements  
Office Royal Throne Room
Quarters Royal Bedroom
Dining room Royal Dining Room
Tomb Royal Mausoleum
Furniture requirements
Chests 10
Cabinets 5
Weapon racks 5
Armor stands 5
Mandates 5
Demands 10
Arrival conditions
  • 15,000☼ wealth in Architecture
  • 5,000☼ in offerings to Dwarven caravan
  • Metropolis rank
This article is about an older version of DF.

The monarch is the highest level noble, and also the noble of the highest precedence. Rather than being promoted from within, like the baron, count, and duke, the monarch arrives as an immigrant from the previous capital. It is not required to have a baron or a count prior to the monarch's arrival. A male monarch is known as a "king" and a female as a "queen". Either may arrive with an opposite gendered "king consort" or "queen consort", as well as an entourage that can include elite military dwarves and ordinary workers.

Requirements for a monarch's arrival can be checked by pressing n c after a fortress has reached a certain wealth. It is unclear exactly what these requirements are, but usually a fortress must be a metropolis.

When the monarch arrives, a fortress becomes the capital of its civilization. As a result, it can no longer receive visits from a dwarven liaison, nor can it give goods to dwarven caravans as offerings.

The monarch arrives at the same time as an immigration wave, but has an entirely separate entourage that can spawn from a different part of the map. The monarch's entourage consists of a group of dwarves with Legendary +5 skill in a random weapon (but no skill in Fighter), Accomplished skill in Dodger, Shield User, and Armor User, and the "doesn't really care about anything anymore" trait. This wave will arrive even if you have exceeded your population cap.

It may be that your monarch is an ancient vampire with thousands of kills to his name before arriving at your fortress. Some monarchs have been known to drop dead as soon as they enter the map, especially in older worlds. Kings may also be of a different race, such as an elven king.

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