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A grudge is a type of relationship a dwarf can have with another dwarf. The opposite of friendships, they tend to develop between dwarves of conflicting personality traits - sometimes, it is possible to have your starting dwarves form grudges even before they arrive at the new fortress location! Making a grudge causes an unhappy thought, but ironically, the death of a grudgee actually causes a bad thought as well.


It is currently unknown how a grudge is formed, but a dwarf that talks to another that they have a grudge with will generate an unhappy thought ("He was forced to talk to somebody annoying lately."). This is more likely to happen if you only have one meeting area or many jobless dwarves.

A grudge is more likely to form between dwarves with opposite ideals and/or personalities. An example would be between dwarf Mistem Okoluzul who formed a grudge with dwarf Adilina Kubukthiz. In examining their respective "Thoughts and Preferences" screens, we find an obvious clash:

- Adilina Kubukthiz: "She is candid and sincere in dealings with others. She finds helping others very rewarding."
- Mistem Okoluzul: "He is often sad and dejected. He does not go out of his way to help others."

A personality clash is not necessarily a requirement to the forming of a grudge. Likewise, grudges are not always going to be mutual.[1]

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Dwarves are well known for keeping grudges towards anyone who slights them, and keep note of their many grudges in a great book maintained by the monarch. Goblins are by far the biggest offenders, and their names are listed in the great book many times. Once, a human noble hired dwarves to construct his castle, but underpaid them by two dwarfbucks, a slight which could not be ignored! And so they drowned the whole castle in magma.