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File:meditate_n.png|The mental talent some dwarves have... File:13 Gobby4.jpg|Preparing a ballista. File:Belal Example.png|Belal's 16×16 tileset File:Cathedral.jpg|Use utilities like 3Dwarf to render your fortresses File:Communal.gif|Communal living: who needs walls? File:Goblin_slaying_Mayor.png|This is how we handle diplomatic relations with goblins. File:RingfissuresYear4-26.jpg|A baby crawling through the aftermath of a human siege at Ringfissures File:Oceanside-202-05.jpg|The dwarves have found a way to paint their walls. It's a shame they ran out of paint when they were half-way done. File:Focusgroup 16.PNG|With friends like these... File:Zombiecod.png|Some fish are better left alone. File:Attend party.png|No matter what your orders may be, your dwarves know the real matters of importance. File:GiantSpiderAttack.png|Maybe Little Miss Muffet was a dwarf? File:Shootcommon 1063 main.png|All the comforts of home. File:Girdertan7.gif|Remember, only you can prevent forest fires! File:Doom.png|GODS DANGIT MELBUL AND YOUR WATERFALLS! File:Outdoor_Scuplture_Garden-Vomitorium.png|Ah... the great outdoors. File:Colossus in Arena.png|A colossus makes short work of captured goblins in an arena. File:Palace of Seducing.PNG|Is that a euphemism? File:Damaged baby.jpg|Pain and hardship start at a young age in dwarven culture. File:DF Cheese.jpg|The vanity of dwarven engravers is not to be underestimated. File:Champions.png|Goblins have a very fickle relationship with their body parts. A skilled Axedwarf can quickly have them calling for a divorce. File:Regicide.PNG|The King is dead. Long live the King! File:Addition.PNG|A mechanical binary addition engine. File:One-legged-Wolf.png|I can make it on my own! File:Heads.png|Hydras probably have severe psychological issues regarding decapitation. File:Vomit_Trail.png|Dwarves are a lot like ants, except that, instead of using pheromones to mark their trails, they use vomit and useless crap. File:Artifact_Storage.png|This bin is worshiped by three different kobold civilisations. Kobold children everywhere dream of stealing it. File:Thirsty_Dwarves.gif|A booze stockpile is a meeting zone in its own right. File:Doors!.png|Ianuamania; madness relating to the obsessive placement of doors. File:Harbor.png|Wharf Fortress. File:Heads-on-statues.PNG|Who needs pikes to put heads on when you have statues? File:Aspirations.png|What every child one day wishes to be! File:olonbekorn_003.jpg|Fifteen seconds after the player founds a "Cold" fortress, the File:World Gen algorithm discovers climate change. File:Df2010isfabulous.PNG|Oh, the names humans give themselves... File:Cacamefight.gif|Cacame gives a human sieger and his horse the power of flight. The human politely lets his horse go first. File:7x191.PNG|The Almighty Dwarven Calculator solves only the most prestigious equations. File:Historical Finger.png|It was the most crucial point of that battle. Really. Every educated dwarf should know that. File:Snowball_fight.png|Tragic snowball fight is... oh wait, it was an elf File:Herbs.png|Most dwarven soldiers are kept awake by the things they had done in battle, others make sure their deeds rob the goblins of sleep. File:MagmaTomb.png|Dwarves live so that they may die a gruesome and pointless death. But once their bodies are interred in their magma-tomb it was all worth it. File:Crundles.png|Crundles, the wolves of the underground. File:Catacombs.png|Accommodating dwarves in the afterlife is central to what managing a fortress is about. File:Dwarven_Housing.png|A true dwarf does not care for pretty designs or "privacy". For a dwarf, a bedroom is a hole where he dumps his body for rest and his useless crap for storage, to never touch again. File:CityState.gif|I am sure the constitutionalists haven't finished the debate on the desirability of the king running for democratic office. File:Dwarves Sparring.PNG|Wooden training axes are for elves! Real dwarves use masterwork steel when sparring! File:Evil microcline.png|Oh no! The microcline's possessing my dwarves! Or maybe the ghost, I guess. File:Nutsdangeled.png|The world of Dwarf Fortress is full of interesting places; some are dangerous, some are peaceful, and some are... well... File:Struck_cancels_smelt.png|Urist McLazyFurnaceOperator cancels Smelt Available Ore: needs ore File:High_sucker.jpg|Cheese making and divine service will make you feel successful. File:Leg-shot.png|An excellent weapon choice File:FlareChannel.png|The legendary dwarven fortress FlareChannel File:Useless bridges.png|It's a good thing that those bridges are there, otherwise it would be really hard to cross those rivers. File:Construct5.png|The Constructtargets Gem, a 39 Z-level megaproject made of 4460 clear glass blocks. File:Deadly sock.png|That's one impressive sock. File:Praise disease.png|Praise disease. File:Cat singularity.png|Approaching cat singularity File:Unfillable Dam.jpeg|Unfillable Dam megaproject created by Baboonanza File:Roadtruss.jpg|Roadtruss, a tower megaproject by Crossroads Inc. File:Lurebolt-1.jpg|Lurebolt, a tower created by Keupo File:Armoc_Invaders_intro.png|Armok Invaders, a playable "Space Invaders" style game built with dwarven computing by BaronW File:Burned_beast.png|The fire does not discriminate. File:MechanicVolcanoBirdsEyeComposite.jpg|Mechanical Volcano megaproject by Vattic. File:Carp escape.jpg|Never forget the carp of old. File:Crutch Self Defense.png|Crippled does not mean defenseless as far as dwarves are concerned. File:Figurine Combat.png|Dwarven action figures: also usable in action sequences! File:Drowning_chamber.png|Taste the water, you filthy goblins! File:horse law.png|Never underestimate horses. File:14177z5.jpg|Fisherdwarves have it rough. File:23a_warthog_hunting.png|Why do you need hunters, when you have swords? File:Gamer Kobold.png|Don't forget to subscribe to his Slaves to Armok: God of Blood streams. File:Flickering ground.gif|"All is nasty," said Atir. "World is nasty. Earth is tainted. Grass is dying. Anthills are glowing." File:finger.png|I know where I'm embarking! File:rakust_badname.png|School must've been terrible for her. File:tantrum_.png|Even during a tantrum, you gotta be professional. File:Llama Statue.png|Some dwarves have a morbid taste for art. File:FB at work.png|Even the monsters are busy nowadays. File:underwhelming-demon.png|An unrecognized hero. File:Wreckingball.PNG|I came in like a wrecking ball...

What has to be done to match captions to images?Garrie 23:20, 17 July 2009 (UTC)

It seems you figured it out already, but you just need to add a line with "NUMBER=TEXT" where NUMBER is the number of the associated image. VengefulDonut 22:27, 18 July 2009 (UTC)